Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Published Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017

IOE BE/BArch Entrance Examination System
Frequently Asked Questions


1. From where do I apply for entrance examination?

          Go to and follow by clicking the first button “Start Registration”


2. What are the steps to fill up IOE entrance application form?

IOE entrance examination is completely software based where applicant fill up the form online. Following are the basic steps; an applicant should follow to   successfully apply for IOE entrance examination

I. First of all, applicant should deposit an amount of Rs2000 at any branch of Siddhartha bank account no: 00915056064 from anywhere in Nepal.        Siddhartha bank shall provide special voucher especially for IOE entrance applicant.

               II.  Applicant should carefully fill up the voucher in which following should be correct and visible in the voucher

                  Name of Applicant
                  Voucher number (printed on the voucher)
                  Date of Birth in MM/DD/YYYY (month/day/year) format in AD


 3. Can I apply the form online without bank voucher?

NO. Your bank voucher number will be checked by the system while filling the form. If your voucher number and Date of Birth (DOB) entered is incorrect or wrong or fake, the system will not allow you to proceed ahead with the application. Hence you should deposit the amount mentioned and get the voucher before applying.


4. When shall I start my online application after getting bank voucher?

Generally, the Bank sends the correct voucher lists of applicants periodically to the entrance system server. You shall start your application generally 2/3 hrs later after getting bank voucher only if you deposit this amount during the application submission period. IOE has decided to allow bank deposit one week before the application starts. If you deposit the voucher before the application start date, then you have to wail untill the day from which application starts.


5. What are the important documents that I need to be ready before starting application?

Make sure that you should have at least the following documents/information on hand with you during application fill-up

        - Bank voucher

- A Passport Sise (PP) photo 350 pixels height by 300 pixels width. The maximum image file size is 200 kilobytes (200 KB). If hard copy photo is available, you have to scan the photo according to the requirement. Before starting application, follow the instruction from regarding photo requirement.

        - Identification document (Citizenship card, voter card, passport, traffic license or +2/diploma/ or equiv. exam admit card)

        - Address details

        - Your school and college details

        - Parents details


6. What is this identification document mean?

This document verifies your identity that you are not the fake applicant. The identification document should be any one like citizenship card, passport, voter card or traffic license where your photo and Date of Birth is clearly mentioned.


7. I have successfully filled up the form and pressed the button “save and proceed”, but I could not see any further confirmation page, error is generated

You have to complete the application as early as possible when you start filling the form. The application form has certain time limit, if it crosses the time limit, then it may generates error like session expired or other unknown error may occur. The application form has two steps, at the first step, the purpose of “save and submit” is that your application is saved into the system but not submitted. It will provide you one more chance to edit (go back to the application) your application if there is mistake in your application like mistyping of name, DOB etc… The page what you get after pressing “save and proceed” is not a confirmation page and it is not yet submitted. You won’t get the form number at this moment. You have to press submit button for final confirmation of your application. Even you can’t get the exact date/shift of your exam. Hence you have to submit your application as early as possible. Go to review status page ( to make sure that your application is saved, if not, you have to re-apply again from the beginning.


8. I save and proceed the form but I got problem in my computer before submitting. How can I submit the form later?

You can submit the form any time latter if you got verification page and not yet submitted. Just go to the entrance web site and press the middle button (review your status): (, supply your last name, DOB and identification document number. If your all three parameters are correct then your verification page will be opened, you submit the form by pressing and submit button. Don’t forget to print or save the final confirmation page.


9. What are the important fields should I take care in the verification/confirmation page

You need to correctly verify all the fields mentioned including examination date and shift (session). However, your name, DOB and identification document number are the most to be remembered which is required for you to get admit card later.


10.  I could not print the confirmation page or my confirmation page is lost, how could I get the confirmation page again.

Just go the entrance web site and press the middle button (review your status): (, supply your last name, DOB and identification document number. If your all three parameters are correct then your verification/confirmation page will be opened, you can print and save the confirmation from this page.


11. I just verified the confirmation page but I saw mistake in my name or DOB or identification number, how can I correct these mistake(s)

If you saw mistakes in your confirmation page, you can’t correct your mistakes online. You have to contact entrance examination system at ICTC, Pulchowk. You have to pay NRs 150 to edit six or less number of normal text fields otherwise for name correction, Date of Birth, Photo or ID document correction, require to pay NRs 200 at ICTC and put letter of request for correction with the payment voucher. You have to verify your record by next day whether the correction was done.


12. I did mistake of my DOB(Date of Birth) in my voucher, how to correct my DOB?

Contact entrance examination at ICTC Pulchowk with your identity and file the request for correction. You have to attach your identification document (citizenship). Make sure your request has been accepted.


13. I got one exam date/shift in my confirmation page, but I got another exam date/shift in my admit card?

If you got different exam date/shift at your admit card than mentioned in your confirmation page, the date/shift mentioned at your admit card is valid. However you may contact the entrance examination at ICTC building, Pulchowk to cross verify your information at the earliest via mail ( or phone.


14. What if I forgot to bring the identification document during examination?

During the examination, it is compulsory that you have to bring your admit card with your original identification document. You have to bring the same original identification document what you had mentioned with your application form.


15. Should I have to come ICTC, Pulchowk to print my admit card?

NO, you don’t need to come ICTC at Pulchowk for your admit card to print. You can print your admit card from anywhere at the internet center or from your home internet. But MAKE SURE that your admit card should be color printed. Black/white prints admit card is not acceptable. Hence, during the examination you have to bring color printed admit card with your original identification document.

16. Is there negative marking system in this entrance exam

YES, there is negative marking at your answer. IOE has decided to have 10% negative marking on your wrong Answer. You can change the option any time until you press the submit button. But, once you click the answer, you can't unclick it. Hence 10% Marks will be deducted for your wrong answer. 

17. I expected, i had correctly entered the data in my application but i got mistakes in my Date of Birth or Name or Identification Document Number in my admit card.

if your name or DOB or Identification Document ID is incorrect, you have to correct it by visiting IOE-ICTC and get the new admit card. You won't be allowed to appear in the exam if you come up with admit card having incorrect values. pelase see FAQ no 11 for more details.

18. I have uploaded my SLC transcript into the Identification Document, does it allow?

NO, it is not allowed. Identification document should be either Citizenship, License, Passport, +2/CTEVT last exam admit card or voter's card. The meaning of Identification document is that you are well recognized Nepali Citizen having correct name and date of birth. Hence only government issued ID document listed above will be valid. Your application form shall be in pending and won't be accepted in case if you uploaded transcript or certificate or any other document except listed above. 

19. What if i did mistake in my name or date of birth while filling the voucher? can i apply.

You have to apply with our correct name and date of birth otherwise you won't be allowed to appear in the exam. If you find that you did mistake in your name and/or DoB in the bank voucher. Please contact the ICTC for immediate correction. You have to pay Rs 200 to correct this records.

20. I fill up correct date of birth and name in to the bank voucher but i could not apply the form as the system says "Either DOB or voucher no is incorrect" 

If you fill up your bank voucher correctly but unable to apply during the application submission period, pelase contact immediately the bank from where you deposited your amount. Your bank shall send the correct records into the IOE system again. Sometimes bank submission records may have error and bank will request IOE to perform the correction. For this case, you dont need to pay the correction fee. 

21. How can i pay the correction fee?

In the previous years, ICTC directly issue the voucher for the correction fee but from the year 2074 you have to deposit the correction fee to the account no 00602291940013 of IOE Entrance Examination Board in any branch of Himalayan Bank Limited of Nepal. Hence, Please submit the correction application form with payment voucher to ICTC for necessary correction. Pelase see FAQ No 11 above regarding the correction fee payment amount.

22. I need to correct my application but i am outside of valley. How can i request for correction?

You can come to ICTC for the correction till the end of application deadline. But if you won't be able to appear within the application deadline, then you can deposit the correction fee (Pelase see FAQ No 11 above regarding the correction fee payment amount) from the nearest himalayan bank branch and write email with scan copy of your voucher for the necessary correction. The E-mail is:

23. I am Nepali Citizen but completed my +2 level education from abroad university/school, do i need to appear in the IOE entrance examination?

YES. For all Nepali Citizens, it is required to appear in the entrance examination no matter from where the +2 level education has been completed. For foreign citizens who completed their +2 level education from Nepal also need to appear in the entrance examination.

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